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Visitor Questions

Can i access and download all content?
You can download all or content with no limits or extra-hidden charges.

What is Hentai Key?
Hentai Key is a hentai network with many sites. Just signup by us to access HentaiKey.

Member Questions

How can i login to the members area?
At the top right is a login button.

Is there a connection limit?
Yes there is a limit of 8 connections per user.

I found a error what should i do?
Please send us over the report button a message.

Hentai Game Questions

Hentai game is not in english?
All hentai games are japanese but you can try a howto play a hentai game in english. (ITHVNR HowTo) (ITH HowTo) (VNR HowTo)

Download/Playback Questions

I get a error 503 why?
You are using to many connections there is a limit of 8 connections per user.